Orchestra Residencies Program

Designed by Midori as a means of supporting the American youth orchestra, the Orchestra Residencies Program is a collaborative project which provides meaningful musical experiences now for the next generation of classical musicians. The program aspires to help establish the youth orchestra as a presence in the community, as well as to build upon relationships with local organizations, visiting artists and administrative staff.

Over a period of five to seven days, Midori will participate in a wide range of activities tailored to optimize the involvement of the youth orchestra. Through masterclasses, performance workshops, and meals with Q&A sessions, a substantial portion of the residency is devoted to the youth orchestra and its members. Additional activities may include arts advocacy visits to local legislators and discussion groups with parents and staff.

Any U.S. youth orchestra with a budget not exceeding $300,000, may submit an application for an Orchestra Residency with Midori. Past residency recipients may apply again after five years. The applications are reviewed by an objective committee, and two residencies will be awarded each year.