Orchestra Residencies Program

*Special During the 2020-2021 Season.

Currently Soliciting Applications.*

Youth Orchestra Opportunities with Midori

Midori’s Orchestra Residencies Program, which was started in 2004, is currently offering multiple online workshop opportunities to support youth orchestras. In these unusual times, Midori hopes to help keep young musicians engaged, motivated and excited.

This season’s ORP offerings for youth orchestras, now available on a first-come, first-served basis, range from a masterclass to workshops on how to practice, as well as presentations for parents and local teachers, plus opportunities to speak with local legislatures. Let’s all unite to keep our young musicians and their families positively connected through their youth orchestra programs. These online activities are offered at no charge to any youth orchestra in good standing with the League of American Orchestras.

Please access the 2020-2021 Orchestra Residencies Program requirements and submission form at the Eligibility and Applications tab.

Workshop Options (approximately 1 hour per workshop – dependent on workshop topic and other factors):

Category A: For Students

*This program could be supplemented with a short performance by Midori

  • Violin and/or Chamber Music Masterclass *external mic recommended
  • For String Players: How to Maintain Your Instrument
  • Workshop: How to Practice
  • Aural Heritage: Who to Listen to and What to Listen for

Category B: With Parents and Teachers

*May only be selected in addition to a workshop from Category A

  • How to Support and Encourage Your Child to Practice Well
  • Encouraging Young People to Keep Music in Their Lives / Life Beyond High School

Category C: Advocacy and Leadership: In Conversation with Community Leaders or Music Director

*May only be selected in addition to a workshop from Category A

  • Advocacy Through and For Music
  • Leadership in the Community
  • Healing through Music: Discussing Midori’s role as a UN Messenger of Peace

Category D: Request Your Own Workshop

State the reasons and why your proposed additional activity would support your youth orchestra.  Please feel free to include any additional pages or documents if necessary.


About Midori’s

Orchestra Residencies Program:

Designed by Midori as a means of supporting the American youth orchestra, the Orchestra Residencies Program is a collaborative project which provides meaningful musical experiences now for the next generation of classical musicians. The program aspires to help establish the youth orchestra as a presence in the community, as well as to build upon relationships with local organizations, visiting artists and administrative staff.

Over a period of five to seven days, Midori will participate in a wide range of activities tailored to optimize the involvement of the youth orchestra. Through masterclasses, performance workshops, and meals with Q&A sessions, a substantial portion of the residency is devoted to the youth orchestra and its members. Additional activities may include arts advocacy visits to local legislators and discussion groups with parents and staff.